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Import from Austria

  • Breed: British shorthair (BRI)
  • Sex: female (0,1)
  • Date of Birth: 09.03.2013
  • Color:red without residual marking (genetically ticked) BRI d).
  • Father:ICh
    Napoleon of The Pepper King (BRI e),


  • Mother: Ch. Eleanor Shume Bukur, CZ (BRI d 22)


  • Owner: Irina Bazhinova
  • Breeder: Libor Polyak & Daniel Kirilov

FeLV, FIV negativ, HCM, PKD parents negative
Blood group Ab


BAMBI – our new female, who came from Vienna. Bambi is a very rare and beautiful color red without residual marking (genetically ticked).
Bambi acquired by us to work on a new direction in the kennel.
Many thanks to breeders Bambi Libor Polyak and Daniel Kirilov for allowing us to get closer to our goal-getting kittens red and cream colors genetically tickedstrong>

Foto Bambi: